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About us

Integer helps clients to create and implement complex systems

Integer helps clients to create and implement complex systems systems for building infrastructure management, for optimization of business processes, for provision of privacy and data security. We create business applicationsthat work equally stable on personal computers, mobile devices and server platforms. Our clients are medium and large businesses enterprises with high requirements for software security, as well as banks, state institutions, data centers.

The priority direction of the company’s work - is the use of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and machine-to-machine interaction (M2M) for the design and organization of a friendly environment for life, work and leisure. We do not just combine devices and sensors into a single network, but also help business owners realize the dream of an ideal service.

Integer creates not the software, but live, workable systems. We use a scientific approach, explore, model processes and choose the best option exactly for the current project. And the first thing we think about: how to make the final product maximally simple and easy to use.

It is important for us to be responsible for the result. We do only those projects where it is necessary to perform a full range of works, or manage the development, which is performed by the client's team. We thoroughly test and debug software products, identifying vulnerabilities and software errors. Our company preaches total compliance with the terms, flexible development and Agile principles. Long-term projects are divided into small stages. Development and implementation of the system can take more than a year, but the first results and reports the client will receive in a week.

Integer employs like-minded people
who are bound by the same goal - to do the job qualitatively and professionally

In Integer work like-minded people. Our office is a convenient space where knowledge is shared, colleagues are helped and mentored. We employ graduates of the leading technical Universities of the country: The Department of mechanics and mathematics of Moscow state University, the Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University. We welcome the scientific approach in everything.

The mission of Integer is to use "smart" technologies in the fields of analytics management, security to improve the quality of life. We help people and machines to find a common language.