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Cooperation models

Fixed price

It’s suitable for long/medium-term projects. The customer makes his requirement list for the software product. Our specialists evaluate the extent and complexity of the work, provide a workplan with fixed budget and deadlines.

Comfortable for the client because:

  • he knows how much the whole process of development and implementing will
  • he is sure what will be done and when
  • he knows when the software is ready and implemented

Cooperation scheme “Fixed price”:

  • we make a requirement list together with the customer
  • our specialists evaluate project’s deadlines and budget
  • we submit a workplan and payment stages for approval
  • we do our job and the customer gets the total result

Time and resources

It’s suitable for long-term projects and constantly developing solutions. Also it’s a better choice for customers who cannot immediately provide us with the full requirement list. For example, when the development of unique and new software product is needed or to pay for IT-consulting. This cooperation model is great because you can make changes and additions at any stage of realization. Customers can cover resources and time spent by specialists at a pre-agreed hourly rate.

Comfortable for the client because:

  • he gets full control over the development process
  • he has and opportunity to fix changes and additions in software solutions at any stage
  • he can optimize the size of the development team at any time

Cooperation scheme “Time and resources”:

  • the customer makes demands
  • we evaluate project’s labor costs and amount of employees needed
  • we agree on the team and the cost of work together with the customer
  • the hired team does the work
  • we bill the customer for the time actually spent
  • the customer pays for the extent of the work and can make changes in the team
  • we form the next sprint
  • we give ready solutions

Dedicated team

It’s suitable when you need to expand your company’s staff in order to solve a specific problem. The customer gets a team of professional developer for a strict period of time. In addition, the client can get a leading developer, having the necessary knowledge and experience, get involved in the working process, in order to lead the project and help staff to design and implement software solution.

Comfortable for the client because:

  • he can preserve his intellectual property rights
  • he gets full control over the hired team working process
  • he ensures his confidentiality of his business processes’ and development technologies’ information
  • he doesn’t need to search for many different contractors for specific processes because all this will be done by one team.

Cooperation scheme “Hired team”:

  • the customer tells us his requirements for the composition of specialists in team;
  • select workers for customer’s team
  • work on customer’s project
  • finished product and payments for work done
IT consulting

It’s extremely important to be able to look at yourself from the side. Sometimes your view gets blurred and you stop noticing obvious and essential opportunities of automation of your business. Our competence and experience will help you to perform full audit of information infrastructure. We will analyze business processes of your company, we will take into account existing information systems inside your company. Also we will offer you an effective model of your corporate system.

Software development

Today the amount of software platforms and SDK present on the IT-market is huge. There are free and paid ones, with the open source code and without it, certified and not really. It’s very important not to make a mistake choosing technological stack for the implementation of your idea. Not taking into account such features of a software platform such as target OS, interaction with means of information protection, customer’s present infrastructure or manufacturer’s technical support, and the whole project will not “blow up”.
We have a wide range of competencies in technology, used in software developmen. We will carry out an expert evaluation of your building and will offer stack, which will provide most efficient solutions for your tasks.

  • С/С++
  • Node.js
  • Java
  • .NET
  • Go
  • Python
  • MQ (Rabbit, Apache)
  • Web (HTML5/CSS3)
  • AngularJS
  • React
  • VueJS
  • JavaScript
  • Backbone
  • iOS / Swift
  • Android
  • Postman
  • Fiddler
  • XENU link sleuth
  • Axure
  • Sketch
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • MongoDB

Idea development

It's quite often that people, who are interested in IT, have ideas which can be commercially successful. But usually there is a lack of resources and experience for their realization. In an IT-startup it’s very important to get a critical evaluation from professionals who are able to realize the general idea of the project.Success of the company strongly depends on the realization of the idea. We know which team needs to be formed in order to develop and run a project in terms of limited budget and deadlines.

But there’s a long way from the idea to a good product. To reach the end you have to:

  • work out the idea and choose the best model for it’s realization. Nominate and refute lots of hypotheses and scenarios of a startup development. We’ll gather user stories for your idea and will design a logo.
  • create a minimum viable product (MVP). It’s very important not to “overheat” your startup and release it on the market as fast as possible, as soon as we are sure that it has a minimal amount of functions. Usually it takes around 2-3 months.
  • get a feedback about product from the market and establish a constant release of updates.

And the essential part is a professional team. Our teams include programmers, testers, designers and interface developers. We will form a teamdepending on your project’s requirements. A team’s size can be changed at any stage.

As strange as it may sound, an IT-startup cannot be created on a base of a complex and carefully thought-out technical task. With the current pace of development of informational technology, your idea may become outdated during the process of a technical task development. And we, as no one else, understand it and work in terms of constantly changing environment.

Here are examples of the concepts we developed.