Products and solutions for business with a scientific approach

We create automation systems for business-processes, data centers and buildings

Why choose us?

We develop software.
We use Internet of Things (IoT) and real-time machine-to-machine interaction (M2M) in order to provide our customers with competitive advantages. We take full responsibility for each project, starting from idea up to implementation.
Productive work process

We will analyze your organization’s current business processes and offer scientifically-based solution with the needs of our client’s business, a few steps forward, calculated.

Employee training

After developing and implementing the new automation system, we will train your employees to use it.

Transparency and control.

We stick to Agile-principles and realize them in the software development processes. You will always be informed of how the process goes.

What can we do?


Payment systems, complex automation, commercial and entertainment applications.


Automation of business processes, accounting systems, data analysis.

Server systems

Control, monitoring and performance management systems.

Mobile apps

Mobile banking and other business applications for Android and iOS devices.


Interaction with other teams and companies, project management with implementation of the product by the customer’s employees, expert evaluation.

Our products

Management of all engineering systems in the building. Operational information about the state of your equipment, consumption of power, water and heat.

Prevention of theftand loss of important documents and property.

Data center performance management, failure detection and prevention.

Service-analytical software platform SVAROG

Road Infrastructure Monitoring

Information system for interaction between the management company and homeowners

Medical data storage and processing system

Intelligent Building Management System

Monitoring and management of data channels

Learn more about new opportunities for your business processes’, building’s and data center’s smart automation